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  1. Sales automation platform: Companies start contact with customers by establishing multichannel sequences. Expand your communication with leads from emails to cold calling and social selling. Receive instant notifications and use a one-click calls service by Connecting Aircall & lemlist. Another instance of the sequence is by linking your LinkedIn profile with your email. This feature can send connection requests plus email to improve exposure.
  2. Automate Follow-ups by creating the correct sequence of emails. Add necessary delay, and schedule based on time zone. Personalize content according to the stage at which the customer is. You can analyze patterns based on various schedules, tests, and improvised strategies.
  3. Real-time insights and team collaboration: For efficiency and flow, the entire team must be synchronized and work as a whole. They receive updates about the stage of customer engagement. Teams can assign tasks, add notes, and use a one-tap contact service to improve workflow.
  4. Templates: Lemlist provides you with a plethora of templates to choose from. Select whether it’s for promotions, sales, recruiting, networking, follow-ups, or scheduling. You name it they’ll have it. They provide you with statistics on open and reply rates making it easier for you to decide. Additionally, you can run A/B split tests to understand which template works the best.
  5. Integrations: Lemist provides the following –

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Lemlist has a massive number of alternatives to compete with.

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With a community of over 20k members, it’s obvious that lemlist has many satisfied clients. They are rated 4.6/5 owing to their simplistic yet efficient approach. The users love personalizable images and landing pages followed by lemwarm analytics. Some call it a “Top of the List Email Marketing Solution”.



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