Revamping the Indian Fuel Industry

But why do we need Fuelistic?

Basically, because such increasing demands result in a lot of issues. Long queues in front of pumps are a common scenario these days. Large setups procure from OMC depots. With depots being limited in number; diesel is transported from a distance of 200 km (on average). The transportation of fuel, labor appointed, and maintenance of vehicles itself costs in lakhs. In the case of bulk orders, oil pilferage and adulteration by mixing cheaper substitutes to gain profits is common malpractice.

Key features of our app

Order Statistics: Maintains proper records and history of data with additional features of graphical representation of order statistics. These stats include quantity, date, time, and venue of fuel ordered.

Use case

Use case flowchart
The user interface of fuelistic application

Similar businesses worldwide

The concept of the door-to-door delivery of fuels is not unheard of in foreign countries like the US and Canada even in India we have many successful companies with a similar concept like Fuelbuddy, Mypetrolpump. Despite the fact that they require high caution and skilled labor, such businesses are a huge success, and here is a list of such existing companies across the globe-

Learning outcomes and experience

Our aim to learn and create android apps has been fulfilled. We have successfully created an application with all the basic functionalities of a selling/buying application. It qualifies all the material design criteria and is very user friendly even for first-time users. Further, we aim to focus on creating more advanced features.



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